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Albert Marshall
Executive Chairman
Arts Council Malta

In recent years, arts and culture programmes implemented in fields such as education, welfare, community revitalisation, andcultural tourism have produced significant results all over the world, and the scale and social impact of these programmes are attracting a great deal of attention. The concept of ‘festivals’ has been seminal in the implementation process of this cultural scheme. Arts Council Malta is about to embark on the design of its five-year strategic plan (2016 – 2020) and will be ensuring that festivals occupy centre stage in our quest to strengthen cooperation with major overseas cultural agencies and organisations by aggressively engaging in showcasing the best of what’s on offer in the world of arts and culture for the consumption of local audiences. Equally aggressively, we seek to export our cultural products, identifying international festivals in which Maltese artists and cultural organisations may participate and flourish. It is in the spirit of this full commitment to a vision of internationalized cultural networking and the creation of exciting artistic and business opportunities that this year’s Malta International Arts Festival is being presented.

Annabelle Stivala
Director Festivals and Events
Festivals Malta

The Malta International Arts Festival has grown to become an important flag bearer for the role and contribution of the performing arts. Over the years, the festival has attracted a growing audience and it has significantly created a platform for local artists to showcase their outstanding talent alongside international counterparts.

The festival has become a platform for artistic creation, showcasing innovative and outstanding performances. It is also a window to introduce pioneering and cutting-edge projects which widen the audience’s cultural and artistic vision. The festival aims to promote the appreciation of different arts forms and culture and this year, a different approach in the programming direction was adopted so as to provide a more accessible spectrum of programmes which appeal to a wider audience.

This year, the Malta International Arts Festival, together with Għanafest, the Malta Jazz Festival and Notte Bianca, all organised by the Festivals Malta, have been honoured with the EFFE label 2017-2018, from the Europe Festivals Association that aims to guarantee visibility and exchanges to Europe’s finest festivals by acknowledging those which are carrying out the most exciting and innovative work.

The Malta International Arts Festival continues to make a meaningful contribution to bringing diverse people together, showcasing our city in a creative way and fostering a spirit of innovation and inclusivity.